Interactive White Boards for Business

An Interactive Whiteboard or a SMART Board is a powerful meeting room tool that gives you the power to interact with every day applications on your laptop or smartphone, all via a large format multi-touch display. The intuitive and easy to use display, combined with powerful collaborative software, will transform your meeting room, training room or board room into a 21st Century digital workspace.

By adopting this technology into your everyday workflow, you can expect an increase in innovation, a boost in productivity, more informed decision making and a significant reduction in costs in your organisation. These collaborative solutions feature virtually unlimited digital whiteboard space, ability to write notes over any application, multiple options for saving your work and integration with Microsoft Lync 2013 and Exchange. It also has Improved record keeping – no need for a note taker as all SMART Board sessions can be recorded, saved and shared.

Using Interactive Whiteboard also has benefits for global partnerships. No longer do you need to travel vast distances to communicate, or rely on email to share data and make decisions. The Smart Board allows you to share and update ideas within your team whether they are in the same board room or spread across the globe.