CPPIB is one of the world’s largest & fastest growing investment management companies. It is a professional investment management organization with a critical purpose – to help provide the foundation upon which 18 million Canadians build financial security in their retirement.

Industry: Investment Management

Location: BKC, Mumbai

Requirement by client:

CPPIB wanted to have an on-the-ground presence in India to develop local expertise, build important partnerships and access investment opportunities that may not otherwise have been available. They needed their AV Infrastructure exactly matching to their international standards across the globe.

SISPL was hired to build on AV solutions for their Mumbai office which would meet their global standard of designing & implementing AV Setup on digital / Dante Platform replicating all their international offices. CPPIB Canada IT Infra Team visited our experience centre for the initial discussion and followed by client visits to showcase similar integration of AV solutions by SISPL.

Challenges faced:

The project centred on replicating the AV solutions that has already been integrated in their offices across the globe. But working closely with CPPIB’s international AV consultant ‘Audibility’ helped us in meeting the high demands and expectations of CPPIB in regards to patron experience.

Solutions offered:

This project incorporated a number of A-V / IT integrated solutions with the key to communication internally at CPPIB and externally between global branches. We suggested Collapsible Multi-purpose Room which was equipped with video conferencing systems and support by state-of-the-art codecs, cameras, input sources and integrated controls. We used:

  • Large Format 75” Samsung Display’s, Cisco C60
  • Video conference unit , WUXGA ultra high definition
  • NEC Projectors with Dalit  Motorized screens , Shure
  • Wireless Microphone system on Dante Network ,
  • Crestron Digital Media Solution

We also integrated Wireless Presentation system, Crestron, Lighting Control, Table flushed Microphones, NEC Ultra HD Projector in their Conference rooms.


A state of the art fully integrated workspace was created to meet operational and performance objectives of CPPIB using the latest cutting edge technology, matching to their international standards.