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The most important place probably in any organisation is where important decisions are made, and progress is analysed, and this is the conference room the company’s operations are formulated here as well. All this is majorly done in the conference room and so it is the nerve centre of the office. Undoubtedly it needs to […]

Command Center Solution

What is Command Center Solution you may ask? A command center is the source of leadership and guidance to ensure that service and order is maintained, rather than an information center or help desk. It is also referred to as a control room. An important concept to understand for facilities that employ audio-visual setups of any size […]


Communication is an essential building block of any successful organization. It is increasingly challenging for organizations to cope with this Infinite communication network that is no longer tied to a single desk. In todays era its impossible for any Business / Industry to thrive without excellent communication. Whether it’s the conversations you have with your […]

Partionable Meeting Rooms

SHORT FOR SPACE? NEED A MEETING ROOM THAT CAN BE CHANGED AS PER YOUR REQUIRMENT? A scenario like todays where there is always going to be need for more space makes the” Felxi or Partionable Meeting Rooms” the NEED OF THE HOUR. In work places users did not have the choice of changing meeting room […]

IMPORTANCE OF AudioVisual (AV) SPECIALISTS – AV Consultants and AV Integrators

IMPORTANCE OF AudioVisual (AV) SPECIALISTS – AV Consultants and AV Integrators The value of an AV Consultants based integrators extends far beyond just Designing and installing an AV solution. The “enhanced support and management ensure increased utilization and adoption.” Additionally, integrators have a big picture strategy that considers the entire space and consumer experience—not just […]

Fine Pitch LED Video wall

Reasons why Fine Pitch LED displays are replacing LCD walls In Recent years, we have seen a lot of innovations in Direct View / Active LED Displays . Advances in LED technology are rapidly driving down prices and leading to increased adoption of seamless fine pitch LED Display. The advantage of seamless LED display is […]


CYNAP: The outstanding BYOD Solution 1 Billion devices will be used  in BYOD environments from 2018 and 82% expect smart phones to play a critical role in business productivity and also increase of smartphone users worldwide by 2019 will be 5 Billion. Over 80% think that mobile devices will become an integral part of the […]

Huddle Room

The Rise of Huddle Rooms / Huddle Space in India Are Open plans your pain area? We have the solution – “Huddle Rooms” The open workplace is found to decrease employee productivity caused by distractions and interrupted communications.  To ensure your employees can collaborate, id-elate, create and brainstorm with minimum distractions and maximum output. Welcome, […]

Crestron Mercury

CRESTRON MERCURY # SISPL advises the #Crestron Mercury , that comes with “Easy to deploy , Easy to Use, Easy to manage “  for #Huddle Rooms Solutions Crestron Mercury is all you need to create high performance meeting and collaboration spaces. By combining all the must-have conferencing and collaboration tools in one easy-to-use console, Mercury […]