20 Years of AV Excellence and Counting!

We at SISPL are grateful to be celebrating 20 years of business success. Innovation is part of our story. Starting with the distribution of projectors in 1997, followed by turnkey AV solutions, through our most recent innovation – SISTAB, an interactive multi-touch technology; our team has worked consistently this whole time to achieve our fundamental goal – becoming the Standard of excellence in the market. From a small start-up founded in 1997, SISPL has grown into a nationwide corporation with offices across all major metro cities.

SISPL would like to thank all our team members who continue to work as One and put their best effort in making SISPL a reliable, trusted and recognised Audio Visual company. Our success also depends on our clients’ success. Thus, we hope that our professional insight and solutions contribute to our clients’ success and to building sustainable society as well. We are positive that when our clients are stronger, so are we. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for including SISPL in their business story for the past 20 years. We look forward to successful cooperation in the future! 

SISPL’s continual upgrading of existing solutions reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust solutions for all the AV needs. “Our success and longevity is due in part to the advanced capabilities and continuous improvement of our solutions,” states Founder and Director Mr Punit Rastogi. “When I stop and think, it seems impossible that 20 years have passed; but as I look back over the last two decades, the things that I have seen and experienced are remarkable indeed.”

As we celebrate this 20th anniversary we acknowledge the fact that you, especially our clients, are responsible for our success and longevity. And so, as we look forward to another twenty years of success and pre-eminence, we reiterate our promise to serve our clients with the highest degree of commitment and loyalty to their business and their affairs, to exert our best efforts at all times in securing the rights, interests and properties of our clients, and to apply all our resources and energies to their matters. We believe that we exist because of our clients; and for our clients, only the best must be provided by us at all times.